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Our service areas include the neighbourhoods of Malton, Meadowvale, Streetsville, Erin Mills, Clarkson, Woodlands, Cooksville, Britannia, Port Credit, Lakeview, Applewood and the surrounding communities of Mississauga.  Carpet cleaning hours of operation are Monday to Saturday and we make appointments in the daytime as well as evenings to accommodate as many of our customers as possible.


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Our Mississauga Carpet Cleaning Services

Our Mississauga carpet cleaning services include moving sofas, tables, chairs and other movable pieces. Some bulky and bigger items like dressers, piano's, beds or hutches are left in place.  When these units are filled with china or other heavy things; it is possible to break them when you attempt to move them.  If you move small breakable items from tables and counters we can move the smaller tables when we are cleaning the carpet.

We start the carpet cleaning by giving the carpet a thorough vacuuming. This step is important and in the overall process will help to get the carpet cleaner.  At the same time we get a chance to survey the carpet and any spots or areas that might need extra attention are marked.  We pre-treat these spots or trouble areas with our spot and stain solutions.  Most areas will come clean but in some cases marks in the carpet are permanent.

Once the carpet cleaning is complete please use caution.  It is best not to walk on any damp carpets until they are dry. This will prevent any slips or falls.  When your carpet is totally dry you can give it a good vacuum to top off the job.

Carpet Cleaning process used 

In our carpet cleaning process the main focus has been to use low moisture as well as insure there is no re-soiling residue left in the carpets.  For this we use two methods of carpet cleaning.  A dry foam  extraction carpet cleaning or Dry steam cleaning.  With either of these methods we get better results than using a regular steam cleaning method. Using our methods, most carpets are dry within 1 or 2 hours and there is no chance of the carpets developing mold or mildew.  In many cases our customers have been very satisfied and we have received many compliments on the results.

We use a cleaning solution that helps us to achieve fantastic results. These carpet cleaning  solutions incorporate a technology called Encapsulation which does a fantastic job of removing spills and stains leaving no sticky residue. With encapsulation the carpets stay clean longer and in many cases there is no reappearing spots.

Carpet Cleaning Advice to Keep Your Carpet Cleaner

There are many advantages to having carpeting or rugs in your home.  Recent studies have shown that carpets actually improve your indoor air quality by trapping dust particles, pollen, and other allergenic substances in the carpet fibers; this keeps them out of the breathing zone.  Once these contaminants have been trapped in your carpet it is necessary to remove them in order to prolong the appearance and lifespan of the carpet in your home.

By following a few simple tips you can keep the carpets and rugs in your home looking beautiful.

  1. Don't wear shoes on the carpet. The last thing you want to do is track in outside dirt, so leave your dirty shoes at the door.

  2. You can prolong the beauty of your carpet by placing small mats or runners in strategic areas in your home that might receive high amounts of foot traffic.

  3. By rearranging your furniture in your room you can change the pattern of traffic on the carpets. This prevents damage from occurring too quickly.

  4. Vacuum frequently to keep the dirt from building up in your carpet. This prevents the carpets from looking too dingy.

  5. If something spills on the carpet, you should spot clean it immediately. When you leave a stain on the carpet too long there is a chance it will become permanent.

  6. Develop a routine of cleaning your carpet a minimum of every 12 months. Usually when you can see the carpet needs cleaning the damage has already started to occur.

Nothing can compare to the feeling of warmth and comfort of having carpet in your home.  When a carpet is properly maintained it has an elegance and beauty all its own. By developing a few habits you will keep the carpet looking beautiful for many years.

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