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Leather Sofas & Chairs

Cleaning Your Leather Furniture

Everyone can appreciate the look and feel of leather, and with the proper maintenance you can enjoy fine leather for many years to come. Many people have little knowledge of how to care for leather. Like any other material leather needs to be cared for, cleaned, and repaired to be kept in good condition.


Due to dryness, sun damage, & perspiration, leather eventually cracks and splits appear when not taken care of properly. Now something that you were once proud of, is an embarrassment and replacement becomes sooner than planned which causes a cost that maintenance and cleaning can prevent.


Don't learn the hard way. Prevent dry leather conditions with regular maintenance. Receive professional care for your furniture before these symptoms appear.

Our Cleaning Process:

With our upholstery extraction system a low moisture foam (created from our leather lather solution) will remove soils & newspaper smudges that make your furniture visually unappealing. We will reapply the natural animal fats in leather with our leather conditioner to make it softer & rejuvenate moisture levels thereby restoring its natural beauty. This conditioner also protects the leather from spillage and day to day living experiences. This procedure will help you keep your leather furniture lasting a long, long time through regular scheduled care intervals. Normally this is every 2 -3 years in most homes.

We'll contact you to discuss the size and number of pieces of furniture requiring cleaning and give you an accurate quote by phone.
Leather Furniture
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