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Decades ago, it was more common to clean walls and ceilings than it is today. Consumers usually hired professional painters because the oil based paints used then were so messy and toxic to apply. Those paints also lasted far longer than today's water based paints, so it made more sense to scrub surfaces than repaint.  To clean your walls and ceilings can still be more efficient and economical then repainting. Painting alone in a lot of cases is insufficient for the removal of cigarette stains, smells and odors.

You can’t just paint over it because the cigarette smoke will leach through the paint. Buying special paints to cover the cigarette smoke stains can be very expensive. Fatty and amino acid residues from cooking, smoking, and body oils act like magnets to collect microscopic airborne particles of soil, dust, bacteria, fungi, and dead microorganisms. In time, these build up layer after layer of sticky film on our walls and ceilings, further accelerating the soiling process. Microorganisms growing in ceiling and wall surfaces can also cause odors and sometimes illness. Mold and mildew spores should be removed, not just masked, so cleaning can sanitize the surface and remove the source of odors. Dirty ceilings can also reduce the amount of light transmitted by as much as 10%.Paint will not stick to greasy residues, so thorough cleaning is often necessary even before repainting. While scrubbing down an entire wall may not be the most common chore, you do occasionally need to do it. Whether you are cleaning up after remodeling work, preparing for company, or getting ready to put your house on the market, you'll want every bit of your house to look its best. There are a few helpful tips to making scrubbing your walls no chore at all.The paint you put on your wall plays an important role in how much you'll have to wash it. Gloss or semi gloss paints wash very easily. In fact, if you've been considering repainting, you may find that a glossy paint will look rejuvenated after just a simple washing! Try scrubbing a small section of your wall to see if you notice a difference after the cleaning. In some cases if you like the colors just washing and sanitizing the walls and ceiling will spruce everything up enough which saves the cost and trouble of repainting.

Walls that are coated with flat paint can be more difficult. Fingerprints, grease and other stains are difficult to remove; unfortunately, cleaning solutions may cause flat paints to fade or even chip. Try using a soft cloth with warm water to remove visible stains (gently). Work in isolated areas instead of trying to wash down an entire wall covered in flat paint. Your ceilings are another rarely-cleaned but important part of your home. Avoid letting your ceilings become covered in specs of mildew - especially in the bathroom. Keep the room well ventilated and be sure to wipe down the ceiling regularly. Whatever your needs you can take advantage of our wall and ceiling cleaning and sanitizing service.

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Our Von Schrader Sanitizing Machine cleans walls and ceilings of all types: painted, marble, ceramic tile, washable wallpaper, cinder block, rough cement block, Spanish plaster, swirl plaster and rough painted brick. And the Von Schrader system is so mild it not only leaves the wall clean and sparkling, but allows painted walls to retain their original beauty for years longer, thereby eliminating frequent and costly repainting. The cleaning solution is pumped electrically through 25 feet of tubing to the washing glider where the flow of solution is controlled by a unique push button on the handle. As the operator moves the glider across the wall in an easy, smooth, stroking motion, a thin film of cleansing solution is deposited which loosens the dirt. Then following along with a buffing glider, the surface is cleaned and dried. The result is a perfectly clean wall with no streak or overlap marks accomplished with a minimum of effort and a maximum of efficiency. There is nothing to disrupt since no drop cloths are needed.

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