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Mississauga Upholstery Cleaning

Our furniture cleaning services in Mississauga include the neighbourhoods of Erin Mills, Clarkson, Cooksville, Port Credit, Meadowvale, Streetsville and Malton.  We set appointments in the daytime as well as the evening from Mondays to Saturday.

Our Mississauga Furniture Cleaning Services

One of the largest investments you make other than your home is the furnishings you put in your home. 
Upholstered furniture can cost thousands or tens of thousands and it only makes sense to clean and protect the furniture on a regular basis.  The best way to protect the appearance of your furniture is to vacuum regularly at least once a week.  Even if it doesn't look like it needs vacuuming you find dust and dirt builds up in the fabric and if this is left to build up it can cause your furniture to discolor as well as irreversible damage.  By vacuuming in the cracks, under the cushions and the crevices where dirt collects you can prevent any discoloration from dust and dirt damage.  Vacuuming frequently can eliminate the dry dirt but there is also a buildup of washable dirt. 


Cooking odors, dirt, grease and oils from your skin cause your furniture to fade and look bad.  This buildup of greasy dirt is more evident on furniture used more frequently.  Cleaning your furniture regularly will prolong the life and maintain their beauty.  Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your furniture and can ultimately save thousands.  Our technicians are trained in the use of chemicals and the methods to clean your furniture. They specialize in cleaning delicate fabrics as well as cleaning microfiber furniture and leather furniture cleaning.  At Bubbles and Suds we get many compliments from our customer and we only use low moisture methods of cleaning.  You will be absolutely thrilled with the results.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Methods

There are many different fabrics on upholstered furniture and each fabric requires a different method of cleaning.  Many companies use regular steam cleaning methods to clean upholstered furniture and the biggest danger is that the furnishings are left far too wet.  Too much water can break down the fibers, damage the fabrics and cause mold or mildew.  This can cause you to replace your furniture sooner than necessary or more importantly create many health issues.

We use two methods of cleaning the furniture and both methods are low moisture.  These methods will have your furniture sparkling clean, dry and ready for guests in 1 to 2 hours instead of 1 to 2 days.

With our dry steam cleaning continuous flow technology we use and extract virtually all of the moisture from your furniture instantly which prevents over-wetting, shortens drying time and prevents damage to the fabrics.  This method removes up to 50% more soil than conventional steam cleaning and we use environmentally friendly solutions which improve your indoor air quality.

With our dry foam cleaning process we use very little water which will minimize drying time and reduce the chance of mold, mildew and bacteria growth.  First we dry vacuum dust and remove the surface dirt.  Then a foam cleaning agent is applied.  Specially designed counter-rotating brushes in the handheld power head gently scrub and agitate the dirt and grime loose.  This foam is immediately removed and the dirt with it.

The biggest reason we get great results is because of the cleaning solutions that we use.  These solutions incorporate a cleaning technology called encapsulation which does a great job of removing spots and stains.  These solutions leave no sticky residue in the furniture, stays cleaner for a longer period of time and encapsulation helps to keep your furniture cleaner.

Upholstery Cleaning - Tips to Prevent Mold and Keep Your Furniture Cleaner

Mold is a fungus and gets into your home as tiny spores.  The spores need moisture to start growing.  They start in damp moist areas and digest and destroy anything they grow on.  Mold can do some damage in your home.  You cannot get rid of mold spores from your home but you can prevent it from growing in your furniture.  Make sure that whenever you clean your furniture that it dries quickly.  If furniture gets too wet mold can form and start growing if it takes longer than 48 hours to dry.  With some cleaning methods it is hard to control the moisture especially if it penetrates into the furniture.  With a lack of air flow this is how mold and mildew starts to grow.


Children and people with allergies, asthma or weak immune systems are susceptible to the diseases caused by mold.  Inhaling mold spores can lead to serious health problems such as diarrhea, fever and fatigue, difficulty in breathing, headaches, joint pain and skin rashes.  In nature mold can be beneficial but indoor mold can make life in our homes very dangerous.

You know you have mold when you smell a musty odor or see small black specks growing on your furniture. Some mold is hidden growing inside your furnishings and this can be discovered through a musty smell.  If you notice mold or know of water damaged in your furniture it is time to take action to control its growth.


But there are many ways to prevent mold growth in your furniture.  Reduce the humidity in your home to
between 30 and 60% by using a dehumidifier.  Open windows and doors to increase the air flow in your
house.  Use a fan to create air flow in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms as well as ventilate and insulate attic and crawl spaces.

By using a HEPA filter you can reduce air born spores but once they are trapped deep in the fiber of your
furniture they can be hard to remove.  Vacuuming frequently with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter is a good way to remove these spores.  Making sure that your furniture dries quickly after washing is one of the best ways to control mold growth.  Following a few simple tips will greatly reduce mold growth in your furniture and can prevent the development of allergies, asthma or any other breathing problems.

Our dry foam extraction method means faster drying time. We'll contact you to discuss the size and number of pieces of furniture and call you back with an accurate quote...
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