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Scotch Gard® & Teflon®

Prevent Wear with Carpet Protection.

Most people are familiar with carpet protection products such as Scotch guard® and Teflon® (name brand), which can be applied after their carpets are cleaned. There are many types of carpets that are treated with stain guard protection when they are made at the factory but after a time this carpet protection disappears through everyday living. Each home is different and there is no way of predicting how soon you will need to replace this carpet protection. When your carpets are new and if you vacuum the carpets regularly, clean spots or spills immediately, remove shoes at the door and place small runners or mats in high traffic areas you can prolong the need for carpet cleaning as well as applying carpet stain protection for as long as possible.

When someone spends thousands of dollars on beautiful carpeting they don't want to replace it any sooner than necessary. It only makes sense to go on a regular cleaning and maintenance program and protect your carpets from ugly stains and traffic patterns, keeping your home looking beautiful for many years.

Scotch Gard™ or Teflon™ are the most commonly used carpet stain protection products. They provide more protection against soil and tough stains by deeply penetrating the molecule of the carpet fiber without changing the color or texture of the carpet.

Although no product will prevent soiling, they can protect carpets against permanent stains, including grease, wine, water and even pet stains. This enables carpeting to be cleaned more easily-spills usually bead up to be wiped up and stains do not set. Carpet protection products can even reduce static electricity in carpets. Also, these special professional products help increase the durability and life of all carpets by preventing friction-causing dirt from penetrating the molecule of the carpet fibers and accelerate wear. All carpets look better and last longer, reducing replacement costs. Dirt vacuums more readily, so carpets can be cleaned more quickly and effectively. We offer maintenance plans with regular follow-up care to assure that your carpeting will always look the way it should.

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