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Scotch Gard® & Teflon®

Prevent Stains and Wear with Fabric Protection.

Most people are familiar with fabric protection products such as Scotch Gard® and Teflon® which can be applied after their furniture is cleaned. Furniture stores also encourage consumers to order fabric protection when they purchase a new piece of fine upholstered furniture. 

However, many people have no idea how many upscale interior decorators, homeowners, hotels and businesses have all their soft textile furnishings regularly treated with special products to protect their valuable furnishings. When someone spends thousands of dollars on a fine silk sofa they don't want to replace it any sooner than necessary. 

Scotch Gard™ or Teflon™ are the most commonly used fabric protection products.  They provide more protection against soil and tough stains by deeply penetrating the molecule of the fiber without changing the color or texture of the fabric.

Although no product will prevent soiling, they can protect fabrics against permanent stains, including grease, wine, water and even pet stains. This enables furnishings to be cleaned more easily-spills usually bead up to be wiped up and stains do not set. Fabric protection products can even reduce static electricity in your furnishings. Also, these special professional products help increase the durability and life of all fabrics by preventing friction-causing dirt from penetrating the molecule of the fibers and accelerate wear. All soft furnishings look better and last longer, reducing replacement costs. Soils vacuum more readily, so furnishings can be cleaned more quickly and effectively. We offer maintenance plans with regular follow-up care to assure that your furnishings will always look the way they should.

We'll contact you to discuss your specific scotchgarding needs (carpets, furniture) including size and number of rooms or pieces. We'll give you an accurate quote at tha...
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